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technological solution

We are a company formed and founded in Panamá since April 2015, dedicated to the sale and marketing of technology-oriented solutions to the cloud. We create real solutions tailored to the customer. Optimize and minimize their processes through effective consulting. Every customer is a specific solution. We managed by strict standards protocols success of their projects.

Giving companies a technological solution that allows the optimization of processes work more efficiently, by using technological resources, to obtain full control of the company, contributing to productivity and professional development through products and innovative, competitive and technological services.

Consolidate our position as a leader in solutions, tools and technological equipment in the Latin American market through new technologies in the cloud and bigdata.




Our objectives

Create new designs, procedures and solutions for enterprise risk analysis.

Being an innovative company in ERP and CRM solutions.

To be leaders in implementing Cloud and RFID products and services.

Design bug tracking protocols that help optimize processes.


Cloud computing - we climbed their business to the Cloud
We are in an era of innovation, Cloud computing allows your business can scale in minutes, be safer and fault tolerant ...
Big data & Analytics
Bulk data is a concept that refers to storage of large amounts of data and the procedures used to find repetitive patterns within that data ...
Planilla NextKap
Payroll System in the cloud. Standardized rules of Panama and Central America, adapted to all types of business, enabling the creation formulas own ...
Cloudbak is a suite of software for managing backups in the cloud. You can have a web interface to connect environments managed private or public cloud your company.
Web orders NextKap
If you think of a solution issuing orders online cloud for premium sales force or customers, Orders Web NextKap is the solution






Our Cloud Computing division, a line of business solutions aimed at creating migration, maintenance and tracking support public and private clouds with the support of certified engineers in the area.

Our Software division, focused on the creation, design and development of web programs available in the cloud, that allow our customers to have software with high availability, scalability and fault-tolerant.

In a world of connectivity, social networks can not be left behind, for companies to have a solution Managing social networking, involving predictive analytics campaigns, brand impact, is priceless. Our social media division provides our customers with the best performance data analysis in real time.

CloudBak is a division of backups for cloud and on-premise environments IVCISA customers.